About us

Hello, Adam and Rebecca here!

We have been together 10 years and along the way we have got married, got two fur babies (Charlie and Oscar) and welcomed our little girl Freya into the world in April 2019.

Oh man was we surprised when we realised she was in fact a girl!

We never got around to doing the finishing touches in the nursery as Freya’s gender was a surprise (although we was convinced she would be a boy!)

So after settling into being new parents we started to add the finishing touches to Freya’s bedroom and this is when Wooden Treasure came to life!

We had always dreamt about winning the lottery (haven’t we all) and leaving our 9-5 jobs to create bespoke wooden beauties.

I can confirm we haven’t won the lottery and we still have our normal jobs but we have taken the plunge to open our very own business.

We would like to thank you for being a part of our journey and for supporting us.

Welcome to the W.T family